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Donna Debs has been writing the slice-of-life column "Upside Down" in Philadelphia area newspapers since 2008. Thanks for coming to visit.


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the wisdom of butter and sugar

Aunt Wanda’s latest advice to us all -- and I am her proxy -- is this: At some point in your life, you have to stop doing things that frustrate you and start doing things that make you happy. She’s 97, so maybe she knows a thing or two. Or maybe not. read more

don’t let the sun go down without me

An old friend once asked, “Would you rather look at a mountain or a building?” We were sitting having coffee and he was expounding on the virtues of all that man has created -- cities, cars, computers, Crocs -- the great bottomless well of imagination and perseverance of the human being. “A sunset or a beach ball?” “The ocean or a bathtub?” He was being a smart guy. read more

another day in the life

I’m sitting in my car in a hot parking lot in the middle of a perfectly organized day. It’s all about the lists. No time to waste. I’m thinking about what’s next when I see Doug. I’ll call him that because he’s short, a bit robust, neat, clean-cut. No, I’m not stalking some cool guy. He’s middle-aged, preppy, 3-button polo tucked into striped shorts, a belt. Hair slicked back, dark, a bit gray. read more

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