“your choice of subject…always makes me laugh”

Been reading your columns…since they started publishing them. Your choice of subject matter and it’s impact on life always makes me laugh. Find myself looking forward to the Sunday paper to find your column and the hysterical way you interpret your life! They never fail to make me smile.


“love loved your column...”

Love love loved your column.  I can't think of anything more confusing than buying a mattress except maybe buying a bra, which I wait until the current one does nothing but cover the girls before venturing anywhere near that department.  Keep up the good work.  As I said loved it.

“made me laugh out loud...”……………

Seriously HILARIOUS!  Loved it, loved the imagery, and especially your interrogation of the attendant.  Really made me laugh out loud on this cold, dreary Sunday morning!  I'm a daily subscriber, and read and love your column on Sundays, but this is the first time I've been compelled to write and thank you!  So, THANK YOU, and keep up the great and hilarious columns.  They're awesome!



You are one hilarious very funny writer.  Thanks for making my day brighter and funnier.  I am sharing "Upside Down" with all my women friends.



“thank you, Donna!!”

I am a 96 year old widow living with two middle-age daughters. As soon as I finished reading your column today I took off my faded blue denim jacket and put on a bright red cardigan that was hanging in the back of my closet. I brushed my short white hair – not “boy” short but “Shirley Temple” short, went back to my recliner to see what else I can find to read that will brighten my day. Thank you, Donna!! 

“thank you for your poignant…article.”

Thank you for your poignant and well written article. I am confident that mine is not the only heart that your writing touched this Mother's Day. 


“this is so friggin funny”

I just read your article (twice!!) and had to send you an email to say, THIS IS SO FRIGGIN FUNNY !! I mean, it's sooo true, at least in my world, and my friends.

“you had me howling...”

you had me howling and ROTFLMFAO with your au natural column.


“You pointed me forward...”

I've never written to a newspaper article before, but yours really touched me. I remember watching a copperhead shed his skin in a briar bush as a teenager. Now I am 78, lost a husband last year, moved to a retirement community, and parted with so many friends and collections of memories and stuff. You pointed me forward and also let me know at the end of the article that the best you can do is okay. Thank you.


“i really understand what you’re saying...”…

I can't remember ever responding to an article or column or anything I've read in the past but I just had to let you know how much I enjoy reading the things you write!  I think it's because I really understand what you're saying and I can relate quite often to the subject matter...  Thanks again for making me (and I'm sure lots of other folks) smile!

“Once again you have looked into my life.”

My husband and I loved the article about photographers! Once again you have looked into my life.


“I got a kick out of your column...”

I got a kick out of your column on Sunday.  It is embarrassing when the Salvation Army rejects the furniture you have been living with, isn't it? 

“I love your humor.”

First time I read you, and I love your humor . Looking forward to your next article. Good to read something different and special and easy to read and funny too.


“Your column was so…sincere and caring.”

Your column was so sweet and sad and yet so sincere and caring. 

“Your article was hilarious!”

Your article was hilarious! I was reading it at my office desk and cracking up. It definitely added some levity into my very dry science day.


“You made me laugh...”

I, too, dread my wedding anniversary. You made me laugh and realize we all have something to deal with. Just the same, where will you be celebrating this year so I can be somewhere else? 

“I hear ya girlfriend.”

I hear ya girlfriend. My other half gets up at 5:30 a.m. Let's hear it for us night owls! 


“i just discovered you...”

I just discovered you and your column today in the Sunday edition of the “Pottstown Mercury; Pile it On Or Go Back to Bed”. I couldn’t agree more. I look forward to more of your wit and wise advice.