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Donna Debs has been writing the slice-of-life column "Upside Down" in Philadelphia area newspapers since 2008. Thanks for coming to visit.


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roses ‘n regret

I’m staring in the mirror, and the wretched words cross my mind: She let herself go . . .“ I’m back from an outdoor weekend that’s left my hair straggled, my skin parched, my feet looking like claws. A light dusting of earth has settled inside my crevices. “I have to clean myself up,” I say to the crone in the mirror, “before anyone sees me.” The cursed words echo -- “She let herself go . . . “ read more

chasing the bucket list

Hang gliding over the Rockies? Starting the great American novel? Making apple pie from scratch? Organizing your family photos? No, don’t do that in summer! Otherwise no time like the present to tackle the bucket list. But the dream is just a dream and the pie is from a box if you don’t have apples and don’t go into the kitchen. So in the spirit of bringing Mohammed to the mountain, I boarded a boat on the west coast of Iceland…read more

a summer shark tale

With summer upon us, and all of us keeping our eyes peeled on the waves at the shore for that blade of darkness rising up from the deep, it’s hard not to recall an almost. An almost swept away by an undertow, an almost collision with something -- what was that? -- an ass over elbows tumble that almost left you in pieces. We’re not talking about the things that do happen. Hallelujah. We’re talking about the things that almost happen. So many they hardly count. Except when it comes to sharks. read more

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